Learn English for work in the UK

The British School of Marketing International supports students to improve their language and professional skills. The school offers English courses in professional spheres such as business, marketing, aviation, oil & gas.

Available courses

General English

Students will receive high-quality training in grammar, skills, pronunciation, and functional language. The course is prepared using published resources, real-life examples, role play, and other classroom activities.

Cost: £ 150 per week

Business and Marketing English

English for Business and Marketing classes bring together a wide variety of professionals from all over the world. The course is focused on specific industries and designed with the needs of modern business in mind by incorporating real-life examples.

Cost: £ 150 per week

Aviation English

The course is for Pilots, aeronautical engineers and other professionals working for airlines, international aircraft companies and the Air Force. They have to read, understand and draft documents written in aviation English and, above all, communicate effectively with colleagues in English.

Cost: £ 150 per week



Oil and Gas English

This specialised course has been designed for students and professionals in the oil and gas industry. Students will require an English level equivalent to B1.

Cost: £ 150 per week

Cambridge Examination English / IELTS

The English course provides students with examination practice and self-confidence to pass the Cambridge exams successfully.

IELTS exams can be taken every month in the UK, and registration occurs about seven weeks before the exam date.

Cost: £ 150 per week

Training starts every Monday; the minimum duration is two weeks (General English – 6 weeks).

The offer is valid until October 31, 2021. The fees are indicated before the discount. Students can book the programme now and travel any time between October 2021 and December 2022.

Fill out the form to ask questions about the programmes and choose a comfortable training option.

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