Immigration to the United Kingdom through education

Degree programs

You can apply to a degree program to improve your qualifications or acquire new professional skills. If you choose to study in the UK, you end up with a globally recognised diploma. While studying for the diploma, each student has the right to work part-time for 20 hours per week. This makes it possible to cover part of your expenses and gain local experience, which can be useful in future employment. However, it is important to consider that studying can take up the lion’s share of your time. It will not always be physically possible to earn extra money without negatively affecting the training itself. The cost of diploma programs starts at 11,000 pounds. Often, the price depends on the educational institution and the area of study. On average, you will need to pay 20,000 per year of study, and in the most prestigious universities, programs cost at least 40,000 pounds per year. 



Graduate Route Visa

The UK government decided to renew the issuance of graduate route visas in the summer of 2021. And this is the main advantage that university and college graduates receive — the opportunity to stay in the country for two years on a work visa after training. For graduates of PhD programs, a graduate work visa will be issued for three years.

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English courses

Sometimes students start their journey to the UK through English courses. Language courses do not lead directly to immigration. They do not grant the right to obtain a work visa upon graduation, but this method will be useful for specialists in in-demand professions. Often, specialists do not have good enough English to enrol in a diploma program or pass an interview with an employer. What’s different with language courses in the UK is that students are not eligible for a part-time job while studying, unlike, for example, neighbouring Ireland. On average, a week of studying in a language course in the UK costs 185 pounds. You can start training at any time that is convenient for you since recruitment happens almost every Monday. 

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