Why the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is located on islands off the northwest coast of Europe and includes four regions: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. By the way, 54 per cent of the entire territory consists of England.

Almost every student knows that London is the capital of the United Kingdom. The official language is English, the national currency is the pound sterling and the government is a parliamentary monarchy. Queen Elizabeth II has remained the ruling monarch of the United Kingdom for decades.


Best Universities

The UK is attracting the most talent among young and established professionals from various fields. Getting an education in the UK is prestigious, and students worldwide strive to study there. According to the World University Rankings 2021, 20 per cent of the top 100 best universities in the world are located in the UK. More than £7 billion is invested annually in research centres and universities. After studying at a university, each student can obtain a two-year work visa, which is one of the basic steps for successful immigration. However, without an education can get a work visa, too.

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Developed economy

Of course, the UK is a huge market with colossal opportunities for employment and self-fulfilment. It is not for nothing that this country is among the top 5 most developed economies globally and ranks fifth in terms of GDP. In addition, the UK is considered the largest venture capital market in Europe.

According to the World Bank’s 2020 Doing Business guide, the UK ranked 8th in countries with a favourable business climate, even after Brexit. The government actively supports start-ups. You can open your own business quickly and painlessly. If you have an entrepreneurial streak and an idea for an innovative product or service, the UK can help you make your potentially multi-million dollar empire happen. Every year, more and more players appear on the market, which only increases the already high standard of living and increases the population’s ability to pay. 

Despite the Brexit situation in 2019, foreign investors still love this country. The volume of foreign direct investment in 2019 amounted to about two trillion US dollars, more than in other European countries. The UK film and television industry is thriving thanks to continued foreign investment from global players such as Netflix and Warner Bros. In addition, there is the possibility of a return on investment in stocks or corporate bonds within five years. 



Tourism and leisure

From the tourist side, the United Kingdom has a  special atmosphere with its cultural and historical values. More than 30 sites in the country are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Many popular films such as “Harry Potter”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Games and Thrones”, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, “Maleficent”, “Star Wars”, the James Bond films and many others were filmed there.

There you will find many interesting ways to spend your leisure time alone or with your family. Every year, the UK hosts events for all tastes: international festivals, scientific conferences, exhibitions, concerts, tennis tournaments, golf and football championships, sailing regattas and much more. The beautiful landscape and mild climate are conducive to hiking and cycling, and diving has its charm in the UK. 

According to statistics, 140 million people fly to the UK every year. Some go on vacation, some to study, some to work, and some go on a business visa and start their own business.

If you are also interested in immigration to the UK, we will be happy to help you choose the most optimal way of moving for you and your family.

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