Feedback from Tatiana and Stas

Feedback from Tatiana and Stas


I live in New Zealand since February 2015.

I started to think about moving to another country back in 2006 – after my first trip abroad. This journey has impressed me a lot. My dream was always to live in the US, but after several failed attempts to win a Green Card, I started looking for other destinations. Among other things, I wanted to get an international education in the field of graphics and learn English. After reviewing a variety of options, I decided to move to New Zealand. I was attracted by the uniqueness of the country, the quality of education and its price. I was preparing for moving thoroughly – read various forums, visited websites of several dozens of schools in New Zealand, learned information about the country.

I was lucky – I found the website of Kiwi Education, and decided to ask for help Dennis, that greatly facilitated the process of selecting a school. I decided to enter Regent, where I am currently studying. It was necessary to pass the IELTS, prepare documents to obtain a visa. Dennis helped me at every stage, responding quickly and professionally to all my questions. Thanks to Dennis I was able to avoid a lot of difficulties and mistakes with the preparation of documents, that eventually helped me to get a student visa, and my boyfriend – to get a work visa. In addition, Dennis even helped us with delivery of documents to the embassy in Moscow. And all this was for free. We booked a room and bought a ticket to Auckland. 20 minutes before the flight our booking was declined. But while we were getting to Auckland, Dennis found another home stay for us. At the airport we were greeted by the Kiwi Education staff, and they even gave us an adapter for socket ? and guide with lots of useful information for visitors, which was very handy. These guys are really great!

A month ago, I started my program at Regent. The education system here is quite different, and I am delighted by it! For example, in one semester we study three subjects, not ten, and in one day may be only one subject, that allows you to concentrate on it. The teachers are agile and involved in the studying process. All lectures are recorded in presentations, that you can download in your personal account on the web site of the university, which allows you just to listen to the lecture, and not be distracted by writing it. Before the professional program, Regent offered me a free 4-week English, which helped me to adapt a little bit, despite the fact that the group was weak. In New Zealand I am only 4 months. It is still too early to make any conclusions regarding the future plans, but here I see more opportunities for me in professional development. Do not listen to people who say that New Zealand is boring and there is nothing to do. Things to do here are countless. Even in Auckland there are a lot of places to visit. There are incredible nature, ocean, many scenic spots. In the city there are many cozy cafes with interesting design. The climate is ideal – winter is not cold, summer is not hot ? I have discovered many new cultures and interesting people here, in New Zealand. It gave me good life experience and boundless sense of freedom.

If you want to move to New Zealand – just contact Kiwi Education, they will help you definitely. I wish you all great success. ?

Ukraine, Regent
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