Frequently Asked Questions

Where to begin? Choosing a path and program

How can I understand where to start?

Fill out our application form. It is important to answer all the questions in as much detail as possible, because each case is individual, and in order to find the optimal path, we need to know your background.

I do not want to study! It would be more convenient for me to go on a work visa. How can I do that?

You can get a work visa only if you have a Job Offer, which is not so easy to get remotely. If you already have a job offer, then we advise you to consult with our Kiwi Immigration lawyer for further steps.

To hire a foreign citizen, the employer must prove that there is no suitable specialist among locals, and this is a very time-consuming process. Employers prefer to take those who already have a work visa. That is why many people choose to come to Australia through training since after that there is the possibility of obtaining a work visa for a year or more.

I have an in-demand speciality, I found it on the lists. What advantages does it give me?

Australia is open to professionals of all specialities but being on the list means it will be easier to find a job.

If you meet all of the requirements on the list, you may consider looking for a job in the country while taking an English course. In your case, the employer will not have to prove why they are hiring a foreign specialist.

Education in Australia

When is it possible to start diploma programmes and language courses?

There are usually intakes in February and July. In private institutes, they can start more often. English courses start every Monday.

Why do the prices differ so much? There are programs for AU$ 10,000 and there are similar ones for AU$ 30,000. What’s the difference?

The cost of education depends on the type of education provider. There are three of them: universities, TAFE institutes and private colleges. For more information.

Universities are the most expensive and the requirements are high, but the given knowledge is also at the appropriate level. Similar courses in private colleges are much more affordable, but it should be understood that low tuition fees influence teaching staff and other conditions.

TAFE institutes are the middle way, you can get a good-quality education for a reasonable cost.