Where to work part-time in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, those who have a student visa with the right to work or an open work visa can work in addition to their studies. A sufficiently large selection of options will make it possible to find part-time work for almost everyone who wishes to do so, in accordance with their study timetable and lifestyle. Options for temporary work in various industries can be found on job sites such as TradeMe, Seek and SJS, in the casual work category.

In our article, we have collected information on the most popular agencies to search for work as well as the most common areas of part-time work in New Zealand.

Working as an actor or model

In New Zealand, the industry of cinematography is well developed. In addition to films and various series, commercials for Australian companies are often advertised here for talent. Actors, in this case, can deal with all sorts of casting agencies or Talent management agencies. The most famous of them are Jam Talent and Starnow. They are also engaged in the selection of models for commercial photography. Having registered in one of these agencies, you are likely to be able to land a part as an extra (background/mass actor rather quickly, and also be able to compete for more significant, and therefore better-paid roles) or you could be lucky enough to feature on the pages of one of the local publications.

Work at concerts and events

Pay attention to recruitment agencies that provide temporary employment for those who wish to earn extra money in the hospitality sector. Such agencies include Function Staff, Drake, Providore and Helping Hands who coordinate different cultural events and concert events in New Zealand. For example, you can get involved in working for sports competitions, concerts, festivals and banquets. Agencies help you to get a job as a barista, a waiter, a barman, a merchandiser or a promoter.

Medical workers

The sphere of medicine also needs temporary workers. So, the recruiting agency Drake Medox specialises in providing personnel for the care and support of patients and the elderly, as well as people with special needs.

Temporary work in offices and trade

Temporary workers who are ready to fill an unexpected vacancy in any given team are required in offices of various companies as office administrators, operators or employees of call-centres. You can get a job in any given shop too, and there is an especially high demand for sales consultants around the Christmas holidays. To find in this field, you can register with recruiting agencies such as Drake and Madison Recruitment, or via job search sites.

Seasonal work in orchards and farms

As an agricultural country, New Zealand provides many options for those wishing to obtain temporary earnings or work experience in this field. The agency Seasonal Solutions Cooperative specialises in finding employees for vineyards and the horticultural sector, while on Frenz you can find work on the livestock farms of the country.

Aquaculture farms also require seasonal workers. Jobs can be found on recruiting agencies and on job sites.

Part-time work on construction sites and production facilities

The construction boom in New Zealand sees a constant demand for labour of different skills in this industry. Work on construction sites can be found through AWF, The Labour Exchange or New Zealand Labour Hire. Also, there is a constant demand for temporary work in production. You can find possible options via recruiting agencies such a Drake and Madison Recruitment, as well as on job search sites.

Supervising and caring for children

If you love children, a good option for you can be looking after and caring for children. Such work is always in demand, and nannies with good recommendations will definitely not be left without work. In addition to daily care for babies during working hours of the parents, babysitters are very much in demand. They may also need to pick children up from kindergarten or school and spend time with them before the parents come home from work.

You can find options for such work on job sites or through a variety of specialised agencies (Baby Sitting Recruitment Agencies). Also, the work can be found on bulletin boards in community centres or on the Neighborly website.

Looking after pets

New Zealanders love to keep four-legged friends in their homes, and they also like to travel. This is the reason for the constant demand for people willing and able to look after pets. Search ads for house or pet sitters often appear on the Neighborly website. Also, by registering on The Housesitting Company, you can easily become a trusted house sitter.

Gardening, cleaning and housekeeping

In New Zealand, the vast majority of the population lives in private homes and, as a consequence, there is a very high demand for care of homes: lawn mowing, garden work, housekeeping and cleaning. Keep in mind that such work may require the availability of certain equipment and tools. Announcements about available work in this field can be found on the Neighborly website, in groups for finding work on Facebook, on bulletin boards in community centres, and also on job sites.

Uber and Uber Eats

Although this kind of job requires some preparation, and the availability of a vehicle, Uber, nevertheless, is quite a simple and popular way of working part-time. To be able to be an authorised Uber driver, you need to comply with a list of requirements, including full New Zealand rights (at least 2 years), and a car not older than 10 years old. In addition, you will have to acquire a license for the transportation of passengers, which costs from $ 82.70 for 1 year, and also, check whether your insurance covers you in case of commercial use of the car. A full list of requirements can be found on the Uber website.

In addition to the transportation of passengers, Uber provides a service for the delivery of food. Becoming a Uber Eats driver is easier, as there is no need to obtain a license to drive passengers, and your vehicle in this case may even be a bicycle!

Remember that any earnings means payment of taxes. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences, be sure to ask the employer whether they will pay taxes for you, or you need to do it yourself. You can learn about taxes and other nuances in our article and on the Inland Revenue website.

We hope that the information was most useful to you.
For all questions, please contact Kiwi Education.

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