Why New Zealand

Life in New Zealand. Interesting facts about the country

If you are reading this article, it means you have already heard something about New Zealand and perhaps thought about travelling or moving here. Let’s see what kind of country it is, which is located on the other side of the world.

Some facts:

  • 4.794 million – the population of New Zealand;
  • 30% of the country – national parks, which are under government protection;
  • Wherever you are, you will never be further 128 km from the coastline of the sea;
  • Left-hand traffic;
  • Retirement after 65 for men and women. Obtaining a pension after 10 years of residence in the country;
  • The average life expectancy is 81 years;
  • Three official languages: English, Maori, and the language of the deaf.


The standard of living in New Zealand

High standard of living, world-recognised education, one of the lowest levels of corruption, personal security, decent wages and incredible beauty of nature. For all residents, it provides some of the most comfortable living conditions. Open and safe, beautiful and clean, friendly and polite, modern and harmonious. All people here find their balance of work and leisure, being interested in new hobbies and keen on various sports.

In addition, there is the possibility of professional immigration at the same time is much cheaper compared to other countries like Canada, Australia, USA, due to more affordable prices for accommodation and food.


How to immigrate to new zealand
Auckland, New Zealand


New Zealand is interested in qualified professionals, businessmen and investors. Moreover, if you compare it with other countries, New Zealand wins in terms of cost of living, environmental friendliness, level of security and hospitality.

New Zealand has a Kiwi Lifestyle. Everything that surrounds people is done for them. Convenient, clean, comfortable, modern. Yes, life here is unhurried. Yes, and where to rush? Everything around is created in order to enjoy life.

Nature in New Zealand

One of the main advantages of New Zealand is the landscapes. It has amazingly clean air and incredibly green grass. New Zealand consists of 2 islands – the North and the South.

On the North Island –  hilly green fields, sea and ocean with sandy beaches, cliffs and a tropical fern forest.

On the South Island – high mountains with ice caps, forests,  hills, fjords and glaciers. Crystal clear lakes and rivers.

Plants and animals are unique here as New Zealand has a fairly closed and isolated ecosystem. This is especially good for tourism. There are no dangerous plants, insects and animals. The slogan of the New Zealand government is “Keep 100% Pure New Zealand”.

You can read more about the geography and climate of the country on our website


Wellington, New Zealand

Business in New Zealand

New Zealand holds a leading position in the ratings of “Convenience and business organization.” The lowest level of bureaucracy and corruption, while the automation and simplification of various registration and reporting processes.

To register a company, you just need to fill out the form online and it will take a few minutes. Instructions on accounting, tax reporting and business rules in the country are described in detail on official websites created to help entrepreneurs organise their business properly.

The State of New Zealand will not prevent you from realising yourself and reaching new heights, they will be happy to help, support and advise on all issues. It is nice to strive for new heights and grow professionally. New Zealand residents sincerely value the opportunities that the country offers them.

Leisure in New Zealand

Tourism is widely developed in New Zealand, and it is mainly associated with nature and extreme sports. You can do bungee jumping from the bridge, skydiving or parachuting, go surfing, cycling, motorcycling and much more. Hiking in unique nature parks is very popular. For this, all comfortable conditions are created.

In large cities (Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch) there is also something to do. Festivals, cinema, theatres, bars and restaurants. New Zealand is a multicultural country, which means that you can find the cuisine of many countries of the world! Also in the cities, there are a lot of parks. This is a favourite vacation spot for students, families and locals and tourists.

Do you want to know how to move to New Zealand? Click here and contact Kiwi Education!

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