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English language learning

English courses in New Zealand can be part-time, which is 10-15 hours a week, and full-time from 20 hours a week or more. Only Full-time classes are suitable for obtaining a student visa, so we will dwell on them in more detail.

At what age can I go to English courses in New Zealand?

Studying language courses is possible for students of all ages from 8 years old. It should be noted that courses for little students are not available in all language schools, but only in some of them.

With what level of English can you come and start studying?

The process of learning English in New Zealand is stepwise, so students can start at any level from elementary to advanced. On the first day of school, you will be tested to be placed to a group of the appropriate level, introduced to the teacher, and then you will begin your studies. In addition to general English courses, there are also special groups for preparation for IELTS or academic English, there are groups for schoolchildren, combining classes with various sports, or with activities, such as hiking or visiting the zoo.

When can I start studying at a language school?

In almost all schools, you can start taking English courses on any Monday.

How many hours per day will learning English take?

The study will take from 20 to 25 hours a week, although in some schools if you wish, you can study longer. Most often, studies begin at about 9 am, although some institutions also have evening groups that are convenient for those who work part-time in the morning.

How long does it take to learn a language?

You can choose the duration of the study yourself from 2 weeks to infinity. Most often, it takes at least 12 weeks of productive study to raise your English to one level. It should be noted that the learning process itself is always interesting and gives its results. In an English-speaking atmosphere and with professional native English teachers, with your responsible approach, the result will not be long in coming.

How to learn English and work?

An important aspect of studying in English courses is the possibility of obtaining the right to work part-time for 20 hours a week during the course. This provides an opportunity to reduce living expenses, practice English in business and even find a full-time job in the speciality. Specialists whose professions are on the Skills Shortage Lists, for example, engineers or information technology specialists, can obtain a work visa under a facilitated scheme in cases where they find a job on their speciality.

To be eligible for a part-time job, a student must meet one of the following conditions:

  • Study in schools of category 1 for 14 weeks or more OR
  • Study in schools of categories 2-3 from 24 weeks or more, but having IELTS 5.0 or higher.

It is also possible to obtain the right to work part-time on the spot if you study in a school of categories 2-3 for more than 24 weeks and pass IELTS during your studies. Read more about preparing for the IELTS test.

Language schools in New Zealand and their cost 

New Zealand language schools and institutes are divided into categories, which are assigned by the state commission NZQA for the quality of teaching and teaching staff, for student performance and for learning conditions. The highest category is the first, there are also schools of the second and third categories.

Schools Of The First Category

Languages International
25 hours a week — NZ$ 445

23 hours a week
From NZ$ 390 morning classes
From NZ$338 evening classes

English Language Academy
(The University of Auckland) Auckland
25 hours a week — NZ$ 385

Mount Maunganui Language Centre
25 hours a week — from NZ$ 375

ABC College of English
25 hours a week — from NZ$ 370

Nelson English Centre
23 hours a week — from NZ$ 340

WorldWide School Of English
25 hours a week — from NZ$ 280
20 hours a week — from NZ$ 260

25 hours a week — from NZ$ 260
English + Activities for children from NZ$ 300 per week

LSI School
20 hours a week
Special price if buy before 31 July 2020
20 hours a week NZ$ 185
24 hours a week (Intensive) NZ$ 195
30 hours a week (Intensive) NZ$ 210
Standard cost
From NZ$ 255 morning classes
From NZ$ 350 evening classes

Auckland, Wellington
Special price if buy before 28 August 2020
25 hours a week from NZ$ 195
Standard cost
25 hours a week from NZ$ 330

25 hours a week from NZ$ 300 + opportunity to get extra weeks for free.
NZCEL course — NZ$ 5,360

Campbell Institute
Auckland, Wellington
23 hours a week — from NZ$ 290

25 hours a week — from NZ$ 275. Morning and evening classes.

Kiwi English Academy
Special price before 17 July 2020
20 hours a week — NZ$ 150
Standard cost
25 hours a week NZ$ 275
20 hours a week from NZ$ 220

Up Education
English for University Preparation (for teenagers under 16).
The course is 12 weeks. Discounted price — NZ$ 1750
* Successful completion of the course guarantees admission to the Foundation Course with an additional 20% discount

Auckland English Academy
New Horizon (ICL Group), Auckland
20-25 hours a week — from NZ$ 250. Morning, afternoon and evening classes.
Special price when purchasing the course before September 4th. It is necessary to start studying by the end of September 2020.
When studying for 14 weeks, the student receives + 2 weeks of training for free
When studying from 24 weeks, the student receives + 3 weeks of training for free

NZSE Seafield School Of English
Hamilton, Auckland
20 hours a week
Morning classes NZ$ 220
Evening classes NZ$ 210

EF Education First
23 hours a week. From 8 to 20 weeks
8 weeks cost — NZ$ 5640


Schools Of The Second And Third Category


Auckland, Takapuna
20 hours a week — NZ$ 200
NZCEL course — NZ$ 3 500

Alpha Educational Institute
Auckland and Christchurch
23 hours a week — from NZ$ 175

Tasman International Academies
20 hours a week — from NZ$ 120

Imperial College New Zealand
Auckland, morning and evening classes
General English, IELTS, PTE — from NZ$ 160


We provide the best offers on the educational market. Thus, you can choose the preferable study time (morning or evening), the duration and workload at affordable prices. The longer the training course, the less the cost of one week of training. Contact us for detailed prices.

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