Immigration through study in New Zealand

Education in New Zealand is one of the most reliable and popular ways of moving here. This can be regarded as an investment in student’s achievements and also help the students get a work visa. Read more about education in New Zealand in this article.

Studying in NZ as an immigration path

  • Work and visa
    The fact is that most employers first ask for a working visa on hand. Few of them would want to deal with these issues. And after studying for certain programs in New Zealand, you can count on a working graduate or Post Study Work Visa.
  • Study and specialisation
    If you select a university correctly, you can obtain relevant knowledge, thereby strengthening your existing skills or getting new ones that will help you in future employment.
  • Time and experience
    A very important feature is time. It is necessary for your adaptation to the country, for gaining useful acquaintances, for finding work. In the end, during your studies, you will have not only an understanding of your professional industry but also you will decide for yourself whether New Zealand as a country suits you or not. This experience will never be detrimental to your life and you will forever value it.

Tuition Fees in New Zealand

The cost of training in New Zealand can vary greatly depending on the institution. In addition to funds for the study, you need to show proof of $1250 NZD for each month of residence.

Features of immigration through the study by speciality

Who is suitable for immigration to New Zealand based on their education?

If you fall into a demanded speciality in terms of employment, but your level of the English language is insufficient, you:
can attend language courses and look for work in parallel to one another. As a more reliable plan, you can consider the option of continuing your education throughout the year of study in New Zealand.

Lists of highly skilled specialities are on the official website of Immigration New Zealand.

If you are educated, but the speciality is not in demand in New Zealand
Of course, you can also try your luck and look for work while you undertake language courses, but the chances of success for you will be lower. After a year of study at a degree program, you will be able to obtain a work visa.

If you have no higher education
Getting an education in New Zealand from scratch may not be a cheap process, but it is definitely worth it. New Zealand education is recognised in all developed countries, so it will be useful both in the country and around the world.

Options for study in specific areas:

The role of obtained education in a job search

Over the years of our own experience, Kiwi Education staff agree that New Zealand employers look at the applicant’s data in this order:

  • Visa
    This is the first screening point. Most employers do not want to deal with visa issues for employees, so they are looking for people with an existing right to work in this country.
  • Local experience and recommendations
    This is a very important point. New Zealand employers want to be convinced that a person will be able to work in the local environment, that he or she has already adapted to the employment market. Therefore, we strongly recommend that our students seek part-time work or even volunteer work for the duration of their studies. This helps a lot not only financially and psychologically, but also increases the chances of finding a permanent position in the future.
  • Professional skills
    When a company opens a position for employment, they want to meet a person with certain clear skills. It is the availability of these skills and their correct presentation in your resume that will help to tip the scales in your direction.
  • Overseas experience
    Of course, the knowledge and experience gained in your own country will always remain with you and can play a positive role in finding a job in New Zealand. Not all knowledge will be relevant and useful, but nevertheless, your overseas experience is beneficial. If you have experience working for international companies or participating in international projects, it can only serve you well.
  • Personality
    In New Zealand, communication and personalities play a big role. The head of a company usually prefers to hire employees, with whom, in their opinion, they will most likely get along. Thus, it is very important to be able to market yourself, even if you are a very chic specialist in a sought-after area. Most likely, you will work in a team environment and your ability to do this will be taken into account.
  • How prestigious is your education
    And only when all else is equal with your competitors, in sixth place the employer may look at the prestige of your education. And, perhaps, give preference to a qualification that is more appreciated in New Zealand and the developed world. In the academic, scientific, medical, engineering and some other fields, the prestige of your educational establishment will play a much more important role.

Thus, the prestige of the institution is important, although not the primary deciding factor. If your finances permit, it is better to choose the best place to study. But if your budget is smaller, you can still consider other categories of institutions. After all, in terms of obtaining a visa, the prestige of your education does not matter. In fact, once you become a permanent resident of New Zealand, you will be able to continue your education at much lower prices, at the rate of local students in universities or government institutions.

To conclude, whatever path you choose, you need a certain level of the English language. Language courses, really, are a good step toward residency. During your training, you can assess the country yourself, without any opinion from elsewhere, and analyse your prospects in the country. If it suits you, after you complete the language courses you can take further steps into immigration.

You can get acquainted with all kinds of visas to New Zealand, which are used in various situations.

We will be happy to help you work it out the whole way from beginning to end, in order to choose the most effective options specifically for your case.

Registration of visas is carried out by our licensed immigration consultants.

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