Types of visas to New Zealand

Visitor Visas

This type of visa is used for tourist trips, or to come to visit someone you know.
A visitor’s visa gives you the right to study in the country for up to 3 months.
More about this type of visa is on the official website of New Zealand Immigration.

Student Visas

These are visas designed to study in New Zealand for a duration from 12 weeks or more, whether it is an English language course, general education, as well as higher education.
Please see our website for more:

Limited Visas

Such visas can have different travel objectives: short-term visit or study. Their main difference from Visitor and Student visas is that it is impossible to change the Limited Edition Visa to another one while being in New Zealand. It will be necessary to leave the country to apply for a new visa. Limited visas are issued occasionally at the discretion of an immigration officer.

More about this type of visa is on the official website of New Zealand Immigration.

Work Visas

There are several types of work visas, for which the conditions for obtaining may differ:

  • At the invitation of an employer. If you find a job and the employer is willing to provide you with an employment contract, then you can get a work visa on this basis, but by observing a number of additional conditions.
  • Visas for graduates. To get a work visa automatically, you need to successfully complete 1 year of study or more. Duration of work visa depends on education program (Level). After completing the education students can get Post Study Work Visa from 1 to 3 years. More about this type of visa on our website.

Resident Visas

  • Professional category. If you work in New Zealand in a specific field, then, most likely, you have the opportunity to apply for residence, subject to certain conditions.

More about this type of visa is on the official website of New Zealand Immigration.

Business Visas

  • If you want to open a business in New Zealand and you have NZ $ 100,000 in investment or more, then you can consider the option of obtaining a business visa.
  • Investor visa. If you have an amount of NZ $ 1.5 million for investment and another NZ $ 1 million for personal needs, then it makes sense to apply for the special investor visa. More details are on the website of INZ: Investor 1 and Investor 2.

Family Visas

If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, your family can face various types of family visas, depending on the type of your own visa and some initial data. More about family visas is on our website.

This is a shortlist, and this information is for informational purposes only. More details about all types of visas are on the official website of INZ .

Interim Visa

A temporary visa for stay in New Zealand, which Immigration NZ automatically issues to applicants, at the time of consideration of their application for a new type of visa.

More about interim visa read on the INZ website.


Remember that only licensed immigration advisors can deal with the issue of all the types of visas, and only a few educational consultants can help with student visas. Our licensed immigration consultants.

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