Where to work after completing a business qualification?

We have an article for managers who wish to move to New Zealand. But many people are asking what kind of jobs they can work in after acquiring business or management diplomas.

Diplomas in business or management are very popular, as this is a fairly broad direction and can include a lot of different knowledge. General programs include basic skills of the most important disciplines, such as marketing, human resources management, New Zealand legislation and some others. There are more niche disciplines too, where you will gain deeper knowledge of one particular area.

At the end of the course, students receive a Post Study Work Visa. You can read more about this visa in our article. In order to extend your working Post Study visa or get residency, you need to find a job that will be related to the training you have undergone. That is, you must apply the acquired skills at the new job, and your job description should be logically correlated with the subjects you studied, although not necessarily one hundred per cent. In addition, this work should be considered qualified.

Below you will find an example of positions that are suitable for one or another specialisation of business diplomas.

Job options after studying at Level 7 or higher:

  • 131113 Advertising Manager
  • 225111 Advertising Specialist
  • 139911 Arts Administrator or Manager
  • 272111 Careers Counsellor
  • 111111 Chief Executive or Managing Director
  • 135111 Chief Information Officer
  • 134111 Child Care Centre Manager
  • 221211 Company Secretary
  • 111211 Corporate General Manager
  • 132111 Corporate Services Manager
  • 224311 Economist
  • 249111 Education Adviser
  • 134499 Education Managers nec
  • 133211 Engineering Manager
  • 139912 Environmental Manager
  • 132211 Finance Manager
  • 222299 Financial Dealers nec
  • 222311 Financial Investment Adviser
  • 222312 Financial Investment Manager
  • 222211 Financial Market Dealer
  • 134299 Health and Welfare Services Managers nec
  • 224213 Health Information Manager
  • 223111 Human Resource Adviser
  • 132311 Human Resource Manager
  • 225211 ICT Account Manager
  • 261111 ICT Business Analyst
  • 225212 ICT Business Development Manager
  • 135199 ICT Managers nec
  • 135112 ICT Project Manager
  • 225213 ICT Sales Representative
  • 221112 Management Accountant
  • 224711 Management Consultant
  • 225112 Market Research Analyst
  • 225113 Marketing Specialist
  • 132411 Policy and Planning Manager
  • 133612 Procurement Manager
  • 133511 Production Manager (Forestry)
  • 133512 Production Manager (Manufacturing)
  • 133513 Production Manager (Mining)
  • 131114 Public Relations Manager
  • 225311 Public Relations Professional
  • 139914 Quality Assurance Manager
  • 224214 Records Manager
  • 223112 Recruitment Consultant
  • 134412 Regional Education Manager
  • 132511 Research and Development Manager
  • 131112 Sales and Marketing Manager
  • 225411 Sales Representative (Industrial Products)
  • 225412 Sales Representative (Medical and Pharmaceutical Products)
  • 139999 Specialist Managers nec
  • 139915 Sports Administrator
  • 272115 Student Counsellor
  • 133611 Supply and Distribution Manager
  • 134214 Welfare Centre Manager

Job options after graduation from Levels 5-6:

  • 142113 Betting Agency Manager
  • 141111 Cafe or Restaurant Manager
  • 149211 Call or Contact Centre Manager
  • 149212 Customer Service Manager
  • 149912 Cinema or Theatre Manager
  • 511111 Contract Administrator
  • 149915 Equipment Hire Manager
  • 149913 Facilities Manager
  • 222112 Finance Broker
  • 222199 Financial Brokers nec
  • 149914 Financial Institution Branch Manager
  • 149112 Fitness Centre Manager
  • 142114 Hair or Beauty Salon Manager
  • 149999 Hospitality, Retail and Service Managers nec
  • 141311 Hotel or Motel Manager
  • 313112 ICT Customer Support Officer
  • 141411 Licensed Club Manager
  • 512111 Office Manager
  • 142115 Post Office Manager
  • 149412 Railway Station Manager
  • 612113 Real Estate Agency Licensee
  • 142111 Retail Manager (General)
  • 141912 Retirement Village Manager
  • 149113 Sports Centre Manager
  • 149413 Transport Company Manager
  • 142116 Travel Agency Manager

The full list is on the INZ website.
You can check the requirements for each specialty by specialty code on the ANZSCO website.

You can find information on salaries and employment prospects for each of the directions on the Careers website.
In general you can read about how to find a job in New Zealand on our website.

For all questions on education in New Zealand, contact Kiwi Education.
Fill out our questionnaire and we will contact you in the near future, we will select the most optimal options specifically for you.

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