Unique specialties in New Zealand

Unique specialties in New Zealand

If you have long dreamed of moving to New Zealand and want to do something new and interesting in your life, then we have prepared a list of unusual specialties for such adventurers – industries that you can learn in the land of the Long White Cloud.

We advise you to choose the direction to which you are naturally drawn to. Such training will be easier, more exciting and more interesting. Becoming a professional and being in demand in the market also gets easier if you make every effort to develop yourself, while the lack of competition in a niche industry can increase your chances of getting a job.

So what profession can you choose in order to find an unusual dream job that you enjoy dedicating your time to?


List of specialities:


If you lead an active lifestyle, like to travel and engage in different sports, then in only two years you can obtain a qualification in tourism that is targeted at management, and development of active sports tourism.

New Zealand is a country with an active sports and entertainment industry, especially in the city of Queenstown , on the South Island. All year round, Queenstown welcomes a huge stream of tourists who come to enjoy alpine skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering in winter; and in summer – hiking, rafting, kayaking and many other types of activities. The tourism industry is developing quickly and needs qualified specialists.



New Zealanders respect and love the culture of wine. Wine-making is one of the leading industries in such regions as Gisborne, Napier, Hastings, Otago. Over 2-3 years of training, you can obtain a qualification in wine production, the science of it, and management in this field.



If you really enjoy the snow and are fascinated by penguins, with a strong desire to become a scientist, or upgrade your existing academic qualifications, then a programme for the study of Antarctica and its inhabitants is available from 1 to 3 years in duration. After you have completed the study, you can continue research and engage in science or work in the education system.



If you love the ocean, diving and underwater life then the following options of study may be of interest to you. The training program is built in such a way that students spend literally half of the training underwater, studying the organisms of the underwater world. If you already have an education in chemistry or biology, then you have one year of study left to do, or you can learn from scratch in 2-3 years. After studying, you can continue to engage in science, work in any environmental sector, or manage aquaculture.


If you are not that familiar with science and are more interested in business and management of aquaculture, then in two years time, you can complete a fisheries and management of fish farms programme.



Are you more interested in being up in the air, than deep under water? You could go for the qualification of a professional skydiver, which will take 1 year. After training you can work in the field of tourism and be an instructor.



Did you know that constellations in New Zealand are completely different to those that can be observed elsewhere? With this unique opportunity you can explore the subject of space, and after training, you can continue research, engage in science or work in the education system. The programme takes 3 years.

  • University of Canterbury
    Astronomy around NZ$ 30 000 per year



This is an unusual program for those who are interested in natural disasters, their impact on people’s lives and the prevention of such situations. Over 1-2 years you can learn how to manage emergency situations, as well as be able to save or protect thousands of lives. After training, you can continue to engage in science, work in research centres that study natural disasters, as well as work in the Ministry of Civil Defense and Emergency Management.



People who enjoy art and culture can find opportunities even in a relatively young country, like New Zealand, where heritage and museums are given great importance. In addition to popular areas like design, art theory and visual communications, you can choose a completely unique direction, like studying Maori art. Some programs include theory training as well as practical skills, where you will personally create unique items inspired by the indigenous Maori people and their culture. After completing one of these programs, you can go on to a career in education, be a museum curator, an exhibitions manager, as well as engage in management of education and cultural roles.



If you are interested in nature, its protection and preservation, then the following program may interest you. After training, you can work on a career in environmental management, engage in research and restoration of environmental resources.



In New Zealand, great respect is placed on protection of workers and the work schedules of employees, that ensure safety standards. This is why directions such as Occupational Health and Safety is becoming more popular. After completing one of these courses, you can find work as a health and safety consultant, a human resources manager, or a risk manager in the workplace.



If you are a big fan of studying the history of the origin of man, as well as the culture of different peoples, then in just 1 year you can upgrade your qualification in the best public universities of New Zealand. After training, you can work in education or engage in research and science.



Have you always been drawn to investigations? You can turn your interest into your job with the following programmes; during the time of study you will be involved in the process of studying social problems and their impact on the behaviour of criminals. After training, you can continue research, engage in science or work in the education system.



The health and beauty industry is well developed in New Zealand. If you already have experience in this field, then in just two years you can obtain a qualification for a successful job search.


 Whatever specialty you are looking for, contact Kiwi Education and we will find the most suitable option for you!

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