Feedback from Olga

Feedback from Olga



I have been staying in Auckland since February 2017. Currently I am studying 1 year Graduate Diploma in Business program (Marketing / 7 level) at Unitec.

From the very beginning until today, the institute I have chosen, as well as the program, continues to amaze me in a good sense of the word.

I want to pay a special attention to Orientation week (how new students are being welcomed at Unitec). About 2 weeks are being spent to help new students settle in a new place, this includes such activities: excursions around the campus, getting familiar with all services that the student can use while studying, free lunches and kits with delicacies, sports events and a welcome party). To be honest, I was shocked, because everything is quite the opposite of what is happening in the educational institutions of my own country. I just did not believe that you can get a free lunch, a free SIM card * – a note for those who is coming to study at Unitec, I bought a SIM-card because I came earlier, but later I found out that it was absolutely free to get one during the Orientation week, so keep in mind.
The entire teaching staff seemed to me to be skilled and not boring, which again is different from what is happening in my country. In addition, teachers can give students a reference when you are applying for a job, so behave yourself properly and will get one. All subjects correspond to the chosen program, nothing unessential, everything necessary for obtaining knowledge in the field of marketing.

A little bit about studying process. Basically, that includes 2-3 studying days a week (the weekend is off, but the library operates!), lectures and written assignments (individual, group and tests). No seminars and answers at the board upon the educational journal. The Institute provides many free workshops on how to write a report and an essay without plagiarism. Do not be lazy and and find the time to attend those.
Totally, about this Institute and the fact that there is a lot wonderful things are happening there, can be talking endlessly, but if you chose the program in this institution, then you will not regret it for sure.


I will start with the phrase, which I heard from English tourists: all the people here are very friendly. And it is true. This means that in any situation that a student can get into, surely there will not be just one person who will give a valuable advice or help. Local people amaze you with the phrase “How are you!” as soon as you enter any building or apply to any service.

For the time that I am here, I did not have enough time to get acquainted with the beauties of New Zealand because of studies and work, since these are my main goals, sightseeing is a minor matter. The only thing that inspired me is the beaches and the ocean. A spectacle that you want to admire endlessly.


Based on my own experience.
It is easier to find an accommodation on the spot, since you can personally see it, talk with the tenants and determine the convenience of the location of the area in which you are looking for accommodation.
Being outside the country, it is easier to find a temporary place for stay (hotel, hostel, homestay), then after your arrival to seek what you want to. Keep in mind that if you want to search for an accommodation on the site, then it is better to arrive before the beginning of the semester, as the demand for accommodation will increase later.

It is possible to find work for an international student if there is enough attempt for that. For that you will need to have a resume formatted according to the requirements of local employers (universities and institutions can help you in this), references from previous employers, including the recommendations from your local employers or teachers. Employers look first at local experience, any, but local, so even volunteer or one-day work will be appreciated. Therefore, as soon as you adapt a little to studying ptocess and the local environment, and if there is a need, start looking for a job / internship, as this may take more than one month. All at individual base of course! The networks are also important, i.e. probability that you will be hired, because someone referred you, is much more, so do not hesitate to make acquaintances.


It all started with an innocent application for the sake of interest, as I was planning to study in a completely different country, but it turned out that the application in Kiwi Education was right decision and just on time. I had to be in a hurry, since the expiration date of the IELTS was approaching, but thanks to this company, in particular Natalia Volodina, Denis Vlasin and Anna Solodkova, everything happened as it should be, to which I am incredibly glad and I still can not believe that happened.

I would like to outline that everything went very quickly and productively. For each of my questions, I received a constructive response and even more. I had no doubt from the very beginning that I was working with professionals. What particularly pleased me, is the individual approach to each client and to each of client’s situations, free registration and consultation. Conclusion: if you plan to study in New Zealand, I recommend you to use the help of those who know more than you, namely the services of Kiwi Education, so you will save time, money and nerves!

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