Feedback from Ekaterina

Feedback from Ekaterina


Our NZ story started in February 2015, when our family (my husband, daughter and me) got a visa refused from Australia migration … It was so sudden and made us confused, but only for a few days. We decided to go ahead and applied for New Zealand student visa. We started looking for an adviser who will support us and help avoid mistakes. We have already had experience in working with advisers when applied to Australia and understood how difficult to find a real specialist who will be responsible and professional. Hopefully among others to whom we address our questions was Dennis Vlasin.

His answers were always full and fast and despite the fact that other one agent suggested us to choose easier way, Dennis arguments have seemed to us stronger and we started to work with Dennis and Kiwi Education. Thus, we chose the University and the program and I began preparations for language internal examination which was available for the current program. After I passed it and fill a couple of application for University we applied for visas. Student for me, work for husband and visitor for daughter. Each step was supported by Dennis, all applications were checked by him, so we fill big respect to him and some sort of confidence (if it possible at all to fill that, when we speak of getting a visa).

Less than in a month, after paying for studying we got visas and started to package our bags and bought tickets. That time we continue to communicate with Dennis to ask him about accommodation and others things we worried about and Dennis always was nice and as helpful as it was possible. I want to add that we did not pay anything except payment for University program.

When we arrived we were met at the airport by the friendly representative of the company who presented to us an adaptor for NZ outlets and took us to the place of accommodation which we had booked from Russia.

Since that, days run fast and were full of new exciting people and places.

The studying started in few days after arriving. To found myself in the new country with the new language I worried about the studying process, rules, and approach. How understandable it will be for me who have never met foreign way of education system before. Despite on anxiety, everything was good: helpful and friendly university staff, exciting classmates and very interesting program. About the program, I want to tell separately and almost about the lecturers. They are so interesting and have a big practical experience related to their module, so I enjoy every lecture.

In gaps between studying in University, my family and I discover the new country with infinite picturesque views, different culture, and nice people. That is our big adventure and it continue.

We don’t have any regrets about that step in our life and fill big gratitude to the Kiwi Education and Dennis Vlasin for that opportunity to live and studying in New Zealand.

Russia, Business, AIS
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