In-demand specialists

Each region has its own characteristics and specific needs for certain specialists essential to ensure the   effective functioning of different industries.

Getting on the lists of in-demand specialists makes it easier for a foreign citizen to find a job in the local labour market and often increases the chances of successful immigration.

Please note that the lists of in-demand specialists are regularly updated to reflect the situation in the labour market.

Let us suppose your speciality is not on the list of in-demand specialists of your chosen country. In that case, you should not be upset: there are other opportunities for moving abroad, for example, through obtaining an overseas education.

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In-demand specialists in Australia

The Australian government has developed the Skilled Occupation List (SOL), a list of skilled professionals that the country needs. There are three main sub-lists for SOL:

  • Medium and Long-term Strategic Skills List indicates professions that are facing a long-term shortage;
  • Short-term Skilled Occupation List sets out  professions needed in the short-term;
  • Regional Occupation List reflects the shortage of specialists in  specific regions of Australia (excluding Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane).

If you have identified your speciality on the Skilled Occupation List and  meet all the specified requirements, you can consider professional immigration to Australia.

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In-demand specialists in Canada

Each Canadian province and territory has its own lists of in-demand specialists and provincial programs, which allow  those already in the country and employed and specialists with foreign work experience and education to obtain residency.

In order to find out whether your speciality is in demand in Canada, you need to determine your NOC and then confirm that it is on the list of the province or territory you are interested in.

Please note that even if your speciality is considered in demand, you must get a minimum number of points to register for the Express Entry system to participate in provincial programs.

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In-demand specialists in the UK

The conservative UK is also in need of professionals in various fields and regions. It is ready to accept qualified foreign specialists whose professions are indicated in the Skilled Worker Shortage Occupations List.

This list includes not only engineers, IT professionals and medical workers, but also, for example, sales managers and teachers.

Being on the Skilled Worker Shortage Occupations List increases your chances of being employed and makes it easier to obtain a work visa.

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In-demand specialists in Ireland

The list of in-demand occupations in Ireland is called the Critical Skills Occupations List. If your speciality is on this list, you will be able to apply for a Critical Skills Employment Permit if you find a job in Ireland. The employer does not have to prove that they did not find anyone in the local labour market.

In addition, Ireland also has a list of ineligible specialities – An Ineligible List of Occupations. Unfortunately, if your speciality is on this list, it means that under no circumstances will you be able to get a work permit in Ireland, even if you find an employer. This includes managers in various fields (with some exceptions), as well as low-skilled blue-collar workers.

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In-demand specialists in New Zealand

If your qualifications and work experience match one of the New Zealand lists, and you have found a suitable employer, obtaining a work visa and residency in the future will most likely be easier.

In New Zealand, there are three lists of in-demand specialities:

  • Long Term Skill Shortage List – professions in which there is a constant shortage of highly qualified specialists;
  • Regional Skill Shortage List – occupations that are lacking in some areas of New Zealand. Getting on this list does not necessarily lead to residency;
  • Construction and Infrastructure Skill Shortage List – construction professionals that are lacking in specific regions. Getting on this list may not give you any further advantages in obtaining resident status.

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