Master’s Program – International Trade Relations and Master of Management

International Trade Relations and Master of Management is a master’s program developed by Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) in Russia and WelTec New Zealand, is a joint program of Russian and New Zealand universities.

The Master’s degree program is specially designed to facilitate the adaptation of students and ease the financial burden, based on the realities of the modern world. In addition, students receive education documents from both countries, significantly saving on tuition and accommodation.

The undoubted advantages of the program

  • The cost of the entire relocation process is at least 50% lower compared to choosing any other Master’s degree program in New Zealand at once. And as you already know, moving through graduate studies is the most reliable and understandable of all;
  • English, unlike any other program, is not needed immediately, but at the time of receiving the offer before applying for a visa. Also, the language can be improved and taught directly while studying at SPbPU, since the education takes place in English;
  • Smooth immersion into the English-speaking educational world;
  • The opportunity not only to save money, but also to gradually invest in your education, first paying for part of the training at SPbPU, and only after receiving the offer to study at WelTec + insurance + fees (approximately NZ$ 1,300);
  • The opportunity to prepare for moving to a new country right during education;
  • An additional small bonus in explaining to the immigration officer why you are going to study in New Zealand, because you will not only have an offer, but also confirmation from the university itself that you are studying in a special program, and you are expected;
  • Networking, during which you will make friends with a group of students, and it is definitely easier to move together. We have a closed group of students from all streams of joint study programs;
  • The first semester is held online and you can always review lectures on the record. And most importantly, you do not change your life abruptly, do not stop your usual activities, and smoothly go through every step;
  • Group classes immediately begin to take place so that you perform not only individual projects but also group ones. You will not be alone, there will be help;
  • The opportunity to bring a partner or spouse with you on a work visa, and children for free preschool or school education;
  • The right to work part-time for up to 20 hours while studying and without restrictions during holidays in New Zealand;
  • A work visa for 3 years after receiving a Master’s degree;
  • Maximum points for the education received during further professional immigration.

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General information about the program

Start of Start of education

  • In September 2023 at SPbPU, recruitment for a new stream opens on April 20;
  • 2 times a year (February and July) at WelTec as the semester ends at SPbPU. After the current course, you have time to prepare for the continuation of the full-time program in New Zealand in July 2024 or February 2025.

The total duration of study 1.5 years, 180 credits

Diplomas awarded: Postgraduate Program International Trade Relations — Master of Management

The language of studying English.

Admission requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree with an average score of at least 50%;
  2. IELTS Academic 6.5 overall language test (and at least 6.0 for each module) or equivalent.You can enroll without an exam, but you need to understand that studying in English is necessary both to receive an offer from WelTec and to obtain a student visa, an IELTS certificate. You can prepare for exams online. You can take the exam outside of Russia;
  3. To continue studying at WelTec – successful completion of the program and obtaining online certificates from SPbPU.

Tuition fees

  1. WelTec – NZ$ 27,500 per year* (real-time exchange rate)
  2. SPbPU – 175,000 rubles per semester. Tuition at SPbPU is paid through Kiwi Education, as the general partner of universities and the curator of the entire project.

*Please note that every year the cost of studying in New Zealand may change due to inflation.

Program structure

1st semester at SPbPU – 60 credits

Issued diploma – Postgraduate Program International Trade Relations

The program is aimed at the education of highly qualified specialists in organizational and managerial, analytical and research activities in the field of international trade and business development management with an emphasis on foreign trade, production and logistics, and international marketing activities of the enterprise.

Subjects studied

  • Trade departments of diplomatic missions
  • International trade organizations
  • Transnational trading corporations

Classes at SPbPU are held online, in English, 4 times a week, for 2 academic classes (90 minutes), from 16:00 Moscow Time (the beginning of the 1st class at 16:00, the end at 17:30, a break of 30 minutes, the beginning of the 2nd class at 18:00, the end at 19:30).

All lectures are recorded and available in the student’s personal account, which the university will create for you. Also, in the student’s personal account, you will have access to the literature necessary for studying.

2nd year of study at WelTec – 120 credits

Issued diploma — Master of Management

The program is aimed at training qualified specialists for the international trade sector in order to ensure a healthy flow of talent to solve modern problems and maintain the constant growth of international trade relations.

After studying at SPbPU, students can choose how they are going to study at WelTec and the list of courses they will study there depends on it.

Pathways to graduate optional for students

  • Dissertation (60 credits) + Courses mentioned above (90 credits) + More elective courses (30 credits) = Total 180 credits
  • Applied research project (45 credits) + Courses mentioned above (90 credits) + More electives courses (45 credits) = Total 180 credits
  • Thesis pathway (90 credits) + Courses mentioned above (90 credits) = Total 180 credits

Subjects studied

  • Digital Resources in Scientific Research  
  • History and Methodology of Science  
  • Scientific Discourse  
  • Global Marketing Management  
  • International Market Entry Strategies  
  • Strategic Thinking of Business  
  • Business Design of Commercial Activities  
  • International Trade in Goods and Services  
  • Risk Assessment in International Trade
  • Budgeting Operations in Professional Sphere 

For questions about joint study programs and admission, write directly to the Director of International Relations and the head of the International Diplomas project Serzh Nairi by emailing or send us an email to

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