Why Kiwi Education

Why Choose Kiwi Education

  • 2000+ student visa approvals
  • Free consultations
  • Free assistance with student visa applications for the duration of study of more than 12 weeks
  • The lowest prices for tuition and collaboration with educational institutions in New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Great Britain and Ireland
  • Best service: from the start of working with us until the onsite support after your arrival
  • We have been working for results since 2013

Free chance assessment and consultation

Kiwi Education is one of the leaders in the New Zealand education market with a high visa approval rate and is actively conquering the markets of Australia, Canada, the UK and Ireland.

Based on the clients’ data and their personal preferences, we assess the prospects of each client and select the most effective path for education and immigration. We meet all Kiwi Education students free of charge at the airport (in New Zealand only) and provide our Welcome Pack, which contains extremely necessary and important information that you will need during the period of adaptation in a new country.

Selection of the best offers

Kiwi Education finds the most suitable and profitable training options for you for free, whether it is language courses, professional programmes or school education.

Free assistance with enrolment and student visa applications

The visa process is full of nuances and details that need to be taken into account. We 100% officially and free of charge help obtain student visas for a duration of study of more than 12 weeks. In this case, educational institutions pay our services, so we do not charge additional fees from students.

Information about who can legally provide consulting services and assistance with student visa applications

You pay for our services only in a few cases:

  • If you plan to study for up to 12 weeks; 
  • If, for personal or other reasons, you stop working with Kiwi Education after receiving the list of documents required for a visa; 
  • If you had previously been denied visas to any country or was deported from any country; 
  • If you have a Domestic student status or a Resident visa and are eligible to study at prices for domestic students. 
  • If you plan to study in the PhD programme.

The cost of other Kiwi Education services

Kiwi Education consultants do not recruit or place students. One of our licensed immigration advisors can help you obtain work visas and other types of visas.

Wide range of training programmes

We work with all New Zealand educational institutions and actively expand our partnerships with education providers in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and Ireland. They are the ones who pay for our work, and the student does not pay the extra money, receiving high-quality and professional help.

Often, our offers turn out to be more profitable than the official prices of educational institutions, because our company has special prices and discounts.

Working for a reputation

This is the main principle of our working methods. We value the good attitude of our clients, and their feedback speaks best for the quality of our work.

Our goal is to help the largest number of people from all over the world to study abroad. We are happy to provide quick and professional answers to all your questions regarding studying overseas.

Please fill out our application form to start your exciting journey to education abroad.

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