Lesya Magurina
Lesya Magurina
Hello! My name is Lesya and I am glad to tell you a little about myself
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Professional experience

My professional experience is varied and includes several areas. In 2014, I graduated from the Siberian Federal University with a degree in economics and enterprise management, but at the same time I loved travelling, and that is why I decided to try myself as a flight attendant and fly around the world. So, having theoretical knowledge in the field of management, I plunged into the world of aviation, travel, meeting new people and amazing life. New Zealand has become the 21st country I have visited, and this is where I wanted to stop and continue to develop further as a specialist. So I graduated from the Business Management program at the Toi-Ohomai Institute of Technology and now I am working on creating interesting products using all my experience.

My philosophy

Curiosity! I’m always wondering what’s around the corner. It helps in personal development and always adds interest in life.


Travelling remains my biggest hobby.

What I dream about

I dream of a harmonious Lifestyle on the ocean shore, surrounded by loved ones!