Dmitri Kamil

Professional experience

Hello everyone! My name is Dmitry Kamil. I am customising and promoting Kiwi Education online products. My goal is to create high-quality and understandable courses that cover the topic of immigration. If our courses help you make the right informed decision and avoid common mistakes when moving to another country, I will be very happy.

I completed my Master’s in Austria, but Southeast Asia has always been my favourite travel destination. For several years, I have been working as a tour guide in the Kingdom of Thailand. Now I live in Vladivostok and am developing an online English school ( My blog about English is here (

My philosophy

My main principle at work is that people are more important than rules. I also strive for continuous and consistent process improvement, openness and flexibility.


My hobbies are hatha yoga, meditation, reading and learning languages ​​(my third language, besides Russian and English, is Hebrew). The last love is roller quads. It is training and pleasure at the same time.