Azat Zalyaev
Azat Zalyaev
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Professional experience

I have been engaged in marketing since obtaining a master’s degree at the Higher School of Economics and a career in Yandex. While still at Yandex, I began to work remotely, having lived and worked in Moscow, Odessa, Istanbul and Prague. After that, I worked in a full-cycle marketing agency, responsible for the online side of projects and Internet marketing in them. More than 7 years of work with international startups in the USA, Canada, UK, EU and the Pacific Ocean region, including Scentbird,, Timelab Pro, etc. In 2018, I received additional education in Digital Marketing in Auckland, continued to work in New Zealand.

My philosophy

“The most important things in life are not things.” Enjoy every day and every moment because life is made up of moments. I appreciate minimalism and stoicism as a philosophy of life.


Marketing, trends, everything digital. I also like to read and watch documentaries. Any kind of board sport is my passion, from longboarding to snowboarding and surfing. I travel a lot. Of the activities, I prefer to go hiking, trekking and camping.

What I dream about

Become a citizen of the world.