Anzhelika Samuilova

Professional experience

A lawyer by profession, a dreamer by vocation.

While at school, I won an FSA FLEX scholarship, thanks to which I lived in the United States for a whole year with a host family, studied at an American high school in Kansas and volunteered at an entertainment and scientific centre. Thanks to English, I easily found a job both in Russia and Germany and then in Ireland, where I moved in 2009. I also got a legal education, won a couple of legal competitions, participated in several conferences, including on undocumented migrants in the European Union in Brussels, created my labour law seminar in Ireland and gained invaluable experience in a legal startup whose clients were Coco-Cola, DELL and other big players. After working at a startup, I founded my own immigration company in Ireland, received investments and a place in a business incubator in Ireland, as well as support from several Fortune 500 companies, which also became my clients.

My philosophy

It will be interesting!


I walk my dogs in nature and read books in my garden. Often about jurisprudence or court cases, but also often about space, biographies or science fiction. If I don’t read, I listen to Arzamas radio or play video games (World of Warcraft, Dota 2, Crusader Kings III, Civilization VI, Vampyr, I wait with hope for Vampire: The Masquerade). In pleasant weather conditions I do gardening, grow berries, vegetables and flowers, which sometimes our 2 Labradors do not even dig up.

What I dream about

Flying into space, even though it makes me feel sick even in the cinema, try the telomerase method of extending the life and build a time machine. There are so many interesting things in the world, and life is so short.