Ekaterina Kornilova
Ekaterina Kornilova
Hello, my name is Ekaterina and I support students in New Zealand
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Professional experience

I enjoy working with people, finding the best solutions for their tasks and discovering new opportunities. All my work experience has been in sales and customer support. The most significant was participation in the birth and development of an IT company for 4 years. This provided invaluable experience in teamwork and in making independent decisions. The idea of ​​moving to another country was brought to life, thanks to the professional work of Kiwi Education. So, I became a student in New Zealand and graduated in Business Administration. Immediately after training, I had experience in an administrative position, after which I joined the Kiwi Education team with great pleasure. Now I have the opportunity to invest in my work not only professional experience and education but also the fresh personal experience of studying, employment and adaptation in New Zealand.

My Philosophy

Be open to new things.


My little daughter has become my universal hobby, who constantly inspires me for creativity, self-knowledge and development.

My Dream

I dream about a sailing yacht and the opportunity to sail the coastal waters admiring the extraordinary beauty of nature.