Alena Medvedeva
Alena Medvedeva
There is a bright side to every situation
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Professional experience

Having received a PR degree from the St. Petersburg University of Film and Television, I constantly developed as a manager and tried myself in various fields: from sports to music. But regardless of the main tasks, I always wanted to create visual content. Therefore, in whatever company I appeared, Youtube channels appeared there along with me. One day, I was brought into Navalny’s team, where I improved my managerial skills in producing. After a year and a half of searches, I realised that I wanted to change the world in less aggressive ways, and so I came to the understanding that I wanted to work in the field of education.

My philosophy

I am sure that there is a bright side to any situation. It helps to focus on the solution and not fall to blame. I also believe that there is always something good in every person, and I value honesty.


I love Latin American dances and Zumba, I read a lot. I like trying new activities: now I am mastering tennis.

What I dream about

My dream is to take my mother with me on her first trip abroad.